The “I Can Do Anything” Organization, Inc. was created to help youth learn about the various career options available to them and that they do not have to be limited in their beliefs. “I Can Do Anything” will enable youth to learn the following:

  • Reading Literacy-Youth will be able to learn the language of a particular career as well as historical achievements in a particular career.
  • Career Assessments-Career assessments will enable youth to explore various career options.
  • Skill Assessments-Youth will be able to determine their strengths and weaknesses through a series of activities that will teach them about developing transferable skills such as writing and speaking.
  • Self-Assessments-Youth will be able to assess themselves through a series of activities that will help them determine what career options are best for them.
  • Networking Skills-Youth will learn the power of networking by interfacing with professional organizations where they can meet successful professionals in various careers.
  • Self-Image Skills-Youth will learn the importance of appearance, self-confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Self-Management Skills-Youth will learn the value of goal setting.
  • Life Skills-Youth will learn skills such as resume writing, interviewing skills,  personal finance, budgeting, and the importance of good credit.

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