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Dr. Ann Hilliard, Director

Dr. Ann Toler Hilliard has the following credentials: -Ed.D.,George Washington University -Consulting Certificate,Harvard University -Advanced Professional Certificate, Maryland State Department of Education -M.S., Johns Hopkins University -M.A.T., Trinity University -B.S., Elizabeth City State University Dr.Hilliard teaches in the Department of Educational Studies and Leadership and coordinates activities that provide professional experiences for those individuals who are seeking the opportunity to serve as a school administrator. Dr. Hilliard has held leadership positions as a principal, college program director, academic achievement specialist in Maryland and in the District of Columbia. Her experiences as a leader in the area of administration extend from elementary school through graduate school. Dr. Hilliard served as director and principal investigator for Bowie's Scholars program in the University College of Excellence. Other positions held included being the assistant to the vice-president for academic affairs and deputy director for the SEM program for a Model Institution of Excellence. Her professional experiences extend to the U.S. Bureau of the Census by analyzing national population and economic status data and served as a consultant for Maryland, U.S. Virgin Islands and Seoul, Korea schools, and post-doctorate program at Harvard University. In the area of graduate studies, Dr. Hilliard served as graduate school director and special assistant to the president for special projects at Sojourner-Douglass College. While serving as graduate school director, she managed graduate programs in Salisbury, Annapolis, Baltimore and Nassau, Bahamas. Research: Dr. Hilliard has published over seven educational articles with national and international academic research institutes in the U.S.A. and Spain. Hilliard has also made presentations at Michigan State University, University of Maryland system, Baltimore, Montgomery County, U.S. Virgin Islands school systems and Seoul Metropolitan Government Republic of Korea schools. Memberships: Educational Consultants Institute, American Association of University Women, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Institute for Academic and Social Development, National Staff Development Council and Phi Delta Kappa.

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